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Events Evolution’s sound department is one of the biggest within the industry because of the brands we particularly associate with. It’s a bold statement but certainly not an empty one.

Our front of house PA system and stage monitoring gear consists of TW Audio Cabinets from Germany. the system delivers a unique and perfectly balanced out for both the front of house and the stage.  the sound is extremely balanced ,whether at low or high volumes without any form of distortion whatsoever. Event Evolution’s sound system, both front of house and the stage monitoring system is waterproof and providing an added advantage over most available equipment.

Events Evolution’s sound equipment includes Allen and Heath digital consoles and a large selection of a AKG and Shure equipment. Our state-of-the-art sound equipment always delivers and always meets the changing needs of our customers; bringing better value to our clients. We can meet sound requirements of any event, ranging from small corporate functions to large-scale concerts for both indoor and outdoor environments.

We started small in 2015 but through years of excellent services Events Evolution has evolved into a large sound rental company. We have redefined the limitations of our industry and raised the bar, through delivering exceptional customer service.

Over and above a fresh approach to the industry; we fully pledge to consistently contribute new industry standards and maintain high work ethics. Henceforth, using Events Evolution’s sound gear furth extends and reinforces the company’s leading role in the industry.