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From simple platforms to large concert stage structures, Events Evolution can custom design whatever your event requires.

Our staging and trussing is versatile with different trussing dimensions and sets. The available stage sets consist of various designs and solutions of having a multiple stage sets combined as one linked structure or detached multiple structures. Events Evolution can set stage and trussing structures to suit different sizes and forms from “small to big”; confirming to client’s requirements and venue restrictions. Our vast rigging equipment makes events Evolution fit to face the challenges of any venue and space whether indoors or outdoors.

We have 300 mmx300ml, 400mmx400mm and 500mmx500mm lightweight aluminium box trusses as well as 200 square metres of modular stage decking. With such pieces, our rigging crew can construct any form of stage to meet specific needs of each and every customer. Special customised shapes can be achieved using a combination of the readily available stage equipment and disposable decking out and polished to the test of our clients.

Safety is our primary concern, hence all of our structures have been engineered and load tested to ensure that they are safe at all times. We work with the highest engineering and safety criteria and comply to international safety regulations and standards.

All rigging structures are designed using Capture for 3 Nexum for 3D visualisation, actual structural dimensions and rigging blueprints.